Introduction: Time Out – New Beginnings

As a result of organisational restructuring, I was recently faced with what could be perceived as both a risk and an opportunity: either to fight to keep my position of employment or to take voluntary redundancy. After careful contemplation, I decided in favour of the latter.

This decision was made mainly to undertake a few ‘projects’ I had in mind over the years. Such ‘projects’ include a series of mini-dreams, aspirations, desires…at one point in time, they appeared quite glamorous. Now, I’ve been thinking, daydreaming, planning, re-planning, visualising, reading, and writing about them for so long… that a part of me is convinced I have already realised them. I haven’t.

One of my greatest strengths (and also one of my greatest weaknesses) is that I am particularly good at generating ideas. Many ideas. Hundreds of ideas. I am quite comfortable at sitting on the Tube on my way to work and back home again…without a newspaper or a novel…just lost in space, thinking. I am also quite comfortable with going to a cafe… to order my latte with skim milk and two sugars… and to just stare into space… for hours. Time passes quickly, as I eavesdrop on the conversations of others… watch passers-by race to cross the road… or spot the next beggar from 500m away en route to interrupt my reverie at my very own coffee shop…all the while, I plan…identify all of those things I would like to do… someday. 

The reality is: I do not necessarily do much.

I know many people who would disagree with me on this. Yes. My days are busy, my weekends are busy – packed, even. But none of these things are really fulfilling me, or aiding me in realising those ‘dreams’ I have when I lose myself on the tube or in a cafe.

For this reason, voluntary redundancy for me is a blessing. It is an excuse almost to pursue those things I have wanted to pursue, but potentially was too scared to do. It forces me to take action. To do. To implement these ‘ideas’ and make them a more interesting reality.

This ‘more interesting reality’ will unravel as time progresses… There is a loose plan for the moment. I am taking time out from work with a view to doing a bit of Bikram Yoga…a bit of studying…a bit of travelling in South East Asia… and a bit of relocating to an undecided region of France. I anticipate a series of new beginnings…new trials and tribulations…new lessons learnt… some of which I can anticipate and, naturally, some of which I cannot.

I hope to capture this time out…and what I expect to be a long and naturally evolving spout of new beginnings in my blog. Feel free to add comments, likes / dislikes, requests, questions, ideas, suggestions, as I go along.



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