Bikram Yoga E-Library…everything you want to know about Bikram in one place

The first Bikram Yoga class is, for many people, a revelation… Bikram Yoga has helped hundreds of people cure injuries… engage otherwise disengaged muscles… lose weight…deal with post-traumatic stress syndrome… deal with addictions from drugs, to alcoholism to quitting smoking… for others, Bikram Yoga becomes a way of life… a craving, a healthy addiction in itself…allowing many people to become more aware of their own bodies, limitations, abilities… both physically and mentally.

In my own Bikram Yoga journey, I have shared the benefits of this wonderful form of fitness and spirituality with numerous friends…many of whom have also become hooked to this undeniably powerful tool of being. I have found myself trying to first explain what Bikram Yoga is… then trying to differentiate it from the other ‘yogas’ that have emerged in the last decade… and then trying to persuade those who try their first class to come again after experiencing what is commonly referred to as the Bikram ‘Torture Chamber’. If it’s so bad… why go again?

There are hundreds of articles, videos, images and blogs about Bikram Yoga on the net… all stored on different websites, under different search terms… This post aims to be the beginning of a Bikram Yoga E-Library, simply compiling all of the links into one place for curious practitioners to refer to. I will update this post with time… as I find new hidden treasures and as new entries, articles are published…. I will begin small… and probably in a disorganised manner, but, with time… this shall change! 🙂 If you find something you feel should be added to this post, please just comment below, and I’ll add it! 🙂 Happy perusing, and Namaste.

Some videos to start with…










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