Is anything out there more hydrating than water?

Sports drinks, water or coconut water. Which is more hydrating? After running in the 10k Boutique Run in Battersea Park, complaining that they didn’t provide enough water en route… or more recently, upon undertaking the 30 classes in 30 days Bikram Yoga challenge… whereby I chug 2 litres of water in 90 minutes on a daily basis, often feeling as though I need even more… it would be an absolute miracle to discover that there is a magic drink out there that can hydrate me more quickly and with less liquid than water.

After going to the SoHotBikram studio in Great Portland Street regularly for about 5 months now, it suddenly dawned on


VitaCoco - Coconut Water

me to ask myself why they would dedicate an entire fridge… their only fridge on display for yoga practitioners… to the Brazilian VitaCoco brand, sold at £2 for a 330 ml container. Coconut water, they say. But why coconut water?

According to a study undertaken at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, comparing ordinary water with standard isotonic sports drinks and coconut water, coconut water was described as having quicker returns on hydration than water due to its’ high level of naturally-occurring electrolytes that help draw water into cells and the bloodstream. It is also said to have more potassium than two bananas, bringing potassium levels of coconut water on par with those of common sports drinks like Lucozade, but without the artificial colours and flavourings that are associated with bad health.

Hydration benefits of coconut water aside, it is also said that coconut water assists in losing weight; boosts the immune system; increases metabolism; fights cellulite; lowers blood pressure, amongst other benefits.

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