Posted in October 2011

Pre-TESOL – the night before the course begins

Quick update (as it’s late) – will write in a narrative style another time. Left Gili Air, leaving Muslim Lombok to return to Hindu Bali. Really noticed the cultural differences on my return (more so than on the way there!) Secured my first choice accommodation – in close proximity to where I’ll be completing the … Continue reading

Monkeyface: The Monkey Forest in Ubud

Before flying to Bali, one of my foremost anticipations was to see free-spirited monkeys, doing what monkeys do, but outside of captivation in the wild. Following a 1 and a half hour taxi-ride from the busy Legion Street that cost 200,000 Rupiahs (about £14 – much too expensive for the first leg of my trip!), … Continue reading

K-k-k-Krazy Kuta

First stop, Kuta… filled with tons of aussies, taxi drivers, ‘authorised’ money changers, scooters, scams, sarongs, bars, pollution, and loud music. Though having an energetic vibe, it’s hard to feel relaxed in this crazy (Krazy) place. The most calming moment in Kuta was the walk along Kuta Beach… particularly when indulging with an iced cappucino … Continue reading