South East Asia Travel Route

With my travelling aspirations looming just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share my provisional travel route with you. Like all plans, these are very subject to change, and I have intentionally been vague in my specific whereabouts in each country as I am unsure of them myself! As time unravels, I shall reveal more.

South East Asia Travel Route

South East Asia Travel Route









2 thoughts on “South East Asia Travel Route

  1. Those circles remind me of the ones on the Google+ social network, and to me they’re pretty vague as well. I’m excited about your upcoming trip and travel blog. Remember, lots of photos, please.

    • Hehe. I’m not familiar with Google +, but I did notice that Mimi has been using it! I’ve intentionally been vague, so I’m glad this was successful. I loaded my Mallorca photos onto my laptop, so I’ll be adding a post on this soon. I have yet to add my photos from Tuscany… but those will come in time as well. 🙂

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