My new celebrity ‘water’ friends at Gili Air!

I mentioned that I would introduce you to my new ‘water’ friends in my last post… and my oh my am I excited!

When snorkelling these last two days, I made a quick acquaintance with Gill from Finding Nemo! He was so excited to meet me, that he even escorted me to his home so that I could meet his whole family! I returned to the sea today (just to say ‘hello’)… and I talked to him about Hackster, my friend in the UK, so that he could know about him, too!

Unfortunately, I didn’t pre-empt the need for an underwater camera before setting off on my trip (otherwise, I would have uploaded original photos), but I’ll find some on the net just to remind you of who Gill is! 🙂

Gill from Finding Nemo

Gill from Finding Nemo

After meeting Gill’s family, he showed me around a wide variety of colourful reef… and unfortunately, we needed to take a short-cut above overgrown seaweed, before he could introduce me to Crush! What a marvellous experience! I asked Crush if he wanted to play with me under the sea, but, unfortunately, he was eating his dinner, and asked me to come back later!

Crush from FInding Nemo

Crush from Finding Nemo

Unfortunately, I’m still looking for Nemo… and, on that note, I’m still looking for his dad, Marlin.

I’ll keep you posted if, and when, I find them. 🙂


7 thoughts on “My new celebrity ‘water’ friends at Gili Air!

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    • Mimi – thank you! That’s very sweet of you! How are YOU!? I plan on going back on previous entries and embedding photos into them… unfortunately, at the moment, my connection is so so. I’ve just started my course as well now, and I’m panicking about the amount of work! I’ll make sure I add some though – hopefully by the end of this week!!!! I hope you’re well!!! And always a delight to hear from you! (PS: You would love Bali – a spiritual charm lives here) 😉

    • Silly billy me! 🙂 hehehehe. You should come! I’ll introduce you to them! I’m sure they would be delighted to meet you! Gill said he would take me to Marlin… Gill managed to escape the fish tank as well… just as Nemo did… he missed Nemo too much, and was dying to reunite with him!

  2. Cute. Took me a few lines to catch-on, but I finally got it. Thought Nemo and Crush were nicknames for real people you met. … NOT!

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