Pre-TESOL – the night before the course begins

Quick update (as it’s late) – will write in a narrative style another time.

  • Left Gili Air, leaving Muslim Lombok to return to Hindu Bali. Really noticed the cultural differences on my return (more so than on the way there!)
  • Secured my first choice accommodation – in close proximity to where I’ll be completing the TESOL
  • 5 other TESOL students are living in the same Guesthouse – one is Australian; 2 others, from the US; one, from the UK and, finally, one, from Ethiopia. There are three more students I’ll be meeting tomorrow. Each seems friendly (and very into the ‘nuances’ of the English language).
  • Completed my Pre-course task at 23:30 – started working on the grammar activities at 18:00.
  • Applying the Phonemic chart is difficult; my own accent and pronunciation doesn’t seem to match that of the dictionary!
  • Tomorrow is ‘Day 1’ of the Trinity TESOL course – starting at 0830. According to the timetable, I’ll be set my first homework task; I’ll meet the teachers AND all of the students.
  • The students I’ve met thus far have communicated apprehension on the ‘intensity’ of the course. I’m not worried yet – but it’s hard to block out social / environmental influences… I feel like I should be nervous!
  • There are LOADS of creatures in Bali … they all seem to emerge at night, as well… ghekkos, cockroaches, lizards, crickets… this places has screens rather than windows on one of the walls… and all I can hear are toads… it sounds like there are hundreds of them!!!!

8 thoughts on “Pre-TESOL – the night before the course begins

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  2. Catching up with your latest adventures… Losing your keys is an interesting ways of meeting new people…
    Good luck with TESOL!

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