Posted in November 2011

Return to Gili Gili Gala Gili Air :)

A wonderful finale after the TESOL was a return to Gili. What’s great is a) the company and b) seeing my new friends again… PLUS, we took a day snorkelling trip to the other Gili’s yesterday… Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan… we had the pleasure of snorkelling in quite deep waters with colourful small and … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: The Very Last…Day 26

AHHHH! I’M A QUALIFIED ENGLISH TEACHER!!!! Undoubtedly I need to work and gain more experience before I can truly warrant the title, but officially …. aaaahhhhh!!!! I’ve just earned the key to the world!!! For all of my lovely TESOL graduates: WE’VE EARNED THE KEY TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Key to the world. On the second … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 25

Ahhhhhhhh…. craaaazyyyy… last day tomorrow! Been a zombie all day. My late night last night really undermined my performance in my final two projects today. But guess what?! I’ve turned everything in!!!!!!! Only an interview with the moderator tomorrow…. and – the lovely TESOL course will have come to an end… I can’t believe it… … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 24

2 more days of TESOL: Surreal. But not over yet. Stayed up late working on my Materials Assignment and my Teaching Practice Journal. The latter constitutes something like 57% of the total mark, so – it’s pretty important in the grand scheme of things. However, because it’s one of the final deadlines, it’s much more … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 23

(Internet affected by thunder and lightning last night. Out of service. Here’s my post from last night.) TESOL Bali: Day 23 Internet down. It’s a shame. Tonight I’m writing my blog on Word – with a view to posting it on WordPress tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I needed the Internet for my studying tonight…so, another morning … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 22

Last Monday. Is over. Well. Not as far as Mondays go, in general, but as far as the TESOL, it’s soon over. Can’t quite get to grips with this in my head, as I’d been looking into this course for over a year. Time just appears to have gone as quickly as it arrived. Language … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 21

Naughty Lina: I had a bit of studying this weekend, but since turning in my Learner Profile at 4pm yesterday, I’ve done nothing. Knowing that it’s the last week, has kinda made me take my foot off the pedal… no excuses, though, and I’m playing dangerous games, as though most of it is over, there’s … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 20

I’m not tired! Yayyy! I had a lovely lie-in today (though not as enjoyable as I hoped for – I’ll explain why in a bit!)… and I plan to have another lie-in tomorrow! (by ‘lie-in’, I mean until 8am or so!) Finished my Learner Profile! I’m pretty sure it was 50+ pages, but I lost count! … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 19

My day didn’t exactly go to plan. Everything was meant to be turned in today, but somehow I managed to confuse myself with what needed to be done, and I realised I had more to do than I had initially thought. However, I taught my class (it was quite rubbish though – 1o minutes of … Continue reading

TESOL Bali: Day 18

Not much is new. Studying…teaching…planning…writing…not sleeping. If someone put a magnifying glass over my life right now they wouldn’t look twice! This blog entry will be the shortest though… as it’s far too late… and I need to wake up far too early… 3 deadlines tomorrow. And guess what? I’m not done. :*( I’ve made … Continue reading