TESOL Bali: Day 2

Again. Short on sleep – it’s 7 past midnight. So, I’ll keep it brief.

  • 6am wake up – coffee with one eye open and one eye shut
  • Had my first ‘Unknown Natural Language’ module… and this was composed of learning none other than Romanian with a Moldovan teacher wearing a traditional Romanian dress! I never thought I would have a Romanian language lesson… in Indonesia… when learning to teach English – but it was very, very enjoyable!
  • Lesson planning workshop – we were set activities on how to lesson plan. Quite straightforward…difference being, I was once paid to do it!
  • Shadowed three of my peers whilst they practised / rehearsed delivering their first lessons. I was observed as well. I didn’t realise we were practising at this point, so I didn’t actually know what I was doing (I intended on figuring everything out in my lunchbreak!). The teacher told me to leave and ‘go get organised and sort myself out!’. ๐Ÿ˜› My brilliant first impression: ‘Lina, you have very strong delivery of teaching… you just need to get organised and figure out what you’re actually doing!’ … so I was kicked out! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Delivered my very first lesson to a group of 13 15-18 years old Indonesian children!!!! My oh my are they so much nicer than some of my previous clients! It was a pleasure!
  • Feedback and constructive criticism session after teaching and observations.
  • Consultations with tutors.
  • Team lesson planning session.
….aaaand, after not having eaten anything all day… at 1930… I ate my first meal!
…by midnight, my lesson plan for tomorrow complete…
Now – off to bed.
Bon nuit!

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