TESOL Bali: Day 4

I’d like to say ‘Brilliant’. I’m done with week 1 of my 4 week course – but, unfortunately, that desire is the ‘Thursday feeling’ – and premature. I’ll say that tomorrow. I’m on my……… well, after tonight, it will be my 5th night with suboptimal sleep. So – yet again – I’m sorry. I’ll have to be brief.

  • The ever-so-frightening, dog-infested alleyway was survived by me; and fortunately, also survived by my two TESOL friends, Robin and Gerry. (We returned home from IALF separately today – so I speak only from an outsider’s point of view). As I mentioned, I dread both journeys to and from my accommodation to school because of those damn, dirty dogs. Usually, Robin walks with me… she consoles me, and feels (and has admitted to feeling) ‘protective’ of me. Today, one of the dogs en route attacked them. By ‘attack’, I refer not to a dog bite; but rather, to a high risk of being bitten… Robin needed to scream, shout, and threaten to hit the dog with an umbrella before its’ owner came out to rescue her (or stop her from beating his dog!)…surely this constitutes as an ‘attack’, no?
  • 3rd Romanian class today. We learned how to count to ten in Romanian, and this time, Svetlana brought props (like a cup, a magazine, a newspaper, a pencil, etc)… for us to count. We then learned possessives: ‘I have a cup…He has 10 newspapers. She has a picture frame.” ….after all this jazz, I do hope I can use it!
  • I taught my third class today… it went okay. Some parts, I felt, went really well; and others not so well. The irony is my main qualm with my lesson involved a materials mistake I made. In our feedback session, however, with the tutor (and thereafter with my peers), the main criticism came from something that I thought worked really well! :S (Apparently, when grouping students into pairs, it’s not culturally

    An attempted duplication of my drawing on the whiteboard when trying to explain a pair of students should become 'Siamese' - I didn't realise it was a bad idea until it was over!

    appropriate to refer to them as ‘Siamese twins’!). You had to be there – it seems to have become the TESOL joke!

Super tired all day… and loads of upcoming deadlines!!!! I need to be at IALF until 9 tomorrow!!! (Though, I look forward to kinda sleeping in … a little… on Saturday!)

Going to bed. I’m out.


2 thoughts on “TESOL Bali: Day 4

    • 🙂 awww, thanks for the support!!!! I had a late night observation, and I have to Interview and prepare and study at IALF tomorrow. The good news is, however: I’M SLEEPING IN!! (only tomorrow though… Sunday, I have to get up!!!!). Mua sweetheart

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