TESOL Bali: Day 6

I was just about to lay in bed and go to sleep before yet another early start until I realised: sh**! I need to write in my blog! So – here goes. My 6th consecutive late-night, pre-sleep TESOL Bali Blog entry. (Let’s see for how long I’ll be able to keep this up!)

  • My ‘lie in’ wasn’t as chilled out a ‘lie in’ I had hoped for, but it was a ‘lie in’ nonetheless. I woke up at 9… and essentially faffed. I hear ‘weekend’, and, despite the work I need to do, I faff.
  • I arrive at IALF – keen to purchase my infamous iced cappuccino… and the lady looked at me with a frown on her face saying: ‘I’m so sorry. No iced cappuccino…Finished.’
  • I completed the first stage of my Learner Profile, which consists of a 2 hour one-to-one assessment of an elementary level English language learner. As I believe I mentioned in my last blog, my student’s name is also Lina… The only thing that breaks the sameness of our name is a single word. ‘Hello, Lina,’ I say… ‘Hello, Miss Lina’. They’re very sweet. I now wish my clients from Ingeus had referred to me as respectfully as ‘Miss Lina’ over the last 4 years… but I presume, such are the benefits of teaching 16 years olds? 🙂
  • So – Lina is from a seaside village in northern Bali that’s reknown for dolphins! She’s 16… has a younger brother… her father is a Cook at a restaurant in Kuta… and her mother is a seamstress… Lina studies Accounting in High School, and she already rides a motorbike. She likes to listen to Lady Gaga, and has recently watched 2012 and Final Destination, but she says she has a preference for romantic films. She has a boyfriend (who is also from her village up north), and this April, they will have been together for 3 years (which is unbelievable!). She says it’s hard being in a ‘long-distance’ relationship, but talking on the phone with him is one of her favourite hobbies. She doesn’t have any pets, and she doesn’t like them either. Her dream is one day to go travelling to Europe… but worries she’ll never have the chance to do so. When giving her a reading exercise about airplanes, she said the vocabulary was difficult as she had never been on one. 😦 It just aaaaalmost made me want to buy her a ticket so she could travel some where – but, surely that’s grossly inappropriate….. she also said that she has never seen snow…and that she has never gone ice-skating… and that one day, she’s really like to see snow… and go ice-skating………….
  • I now need to analyse the recording of her interview with me as well as her responses to the reading, listening and writing tasks to design a one-to-one lesson plan that is 100% catered to her needs as per today’s assessment. A lot to do.
  • I have another deadline on Monday for our Unknown Natural Language module. I had intended to have more done for this than I’ve completed… I think I’ll need to sleep now, and get on with it tomorrow morning… as I’ve reached that point again where my brain is fried.
Bon nuit!

2 thoughts on “TESOL Bali: Day 6

  1. Funny, I know someone who taught English in the States and then was similarly taken by the politeness of Turkish students while teaching in Istanbul.

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