TESOL Bali: Day 7

Poop. I’ve been studying all day and I’m still not done with my project due tomorrow. I’m starting to get really tired… so this is likely to be the epitome of short. I’ll be up early tomorrow.
  • We had a basketball court in our accommodation, and as a result of having a deflated ball, I never bothered trying to shoot any hoops. But following discussion on asking for a refund as a result of their inability to fulfil their promise of providing fully functional basketball facilities, we decided to play! ๐Ÿ™‚ In what felt like extreme heat – we played ‘H-O-R-S-E’. (for about 15 minutes – a good ‘break’ from writing my UNL!)
  • Peer sharing is good… but sometimes it can take too long!
  • The lovely Susan wanted to offer us a treat today and ordered Pizza Hut! I’ve never been so excited to eat pizza, especially Pizza Hut pizza! It had been three weeks since I’d eaten cheese! And now that I am – I’m not truly satisfied, as it’s merely opened the taste for morbier, or compte, or feta, or, or, or… ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Admittedly – nothing beats the Sambal out here.
I might wake up at 5am or so. I’ll see whether I can get any work done then (rather – whether I’ll even be able to wake myself up). I have a busy week ahead.
Good night – sorry my entries aren’t too fun. The day-to-day is pretty dull at the moment, but it will all be worthwhile when it’s over and I have something new under my belt!

2 thoughts on “TESOL Bali: Day 7

  1. I an relate to the pizza and feta, but sambal? Had to look that one up…

    Sambal is a spicy Southeast Asian condiment made, in its simplest form, from chile peppers and salt. A more elaborate sambal may contain onion, lime juice, lemongrass, sugar, garlic, oil and/or vinegar. You will find sambal in a jar or bottle at an Asian food market or in the international aisle at the grocery store.

    …sounds a bit too fiery for my taste. I’ll stick with the feta cheese!

    • mmmm… I love sambal… and I’m eating LOADS of it… I’m stock-piling on anti-oxidants before moving to France where I won’t have access to as much chilli!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bon nuit – off now.. I’ll only have 3 hours sleep! yikes!!!

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