TESOL Bali: Day 8

  • After 3 days of what felt like non-stop studying, I completed my journal on the impact of an unknown natural language on a complete beginner – 36 pages later… I can say I’m done!
  • No room for rest. I woke up at 5am (for those that know me well, they’d be impressed) to work on my paper.
  • Present perfect, eliciting, phonology 2 – back to back of input sessions before I devoured a wonderfully tasty Gado-Gado for lunch…accompanied by my favourite iced cappuccino.
  • Then spent 4 consecutive hours cramming the completion of my UNL hand in to be turned in this evening at 6. I was the 2nd to last person to turn it in… and I think I’ve officially won the title of longest journal… it was far too long.
  • Started brainstorming for the lesson I’ll need to plan tomorrow for teaching practice on Tuesday… our lesson plans now have to cover double the material for the second week, and they’ve changed our tutors, so I anticipate yet another learning curve this week with Komang.
  • I wrote the full transcript of my interview with Lina today; I can use my notes as a point of reference when I start writing my learner profile. I can’t believe I have to deliver my one-to-one class with her THIS Saturday… with 2 lessons to plan for and teach… 2 deadlines for Wednesday and Thursday, I can’t imagine where I’ll find the time to complete my analysis and lesson plan for Saturday… we shall see. (Just don’t tell me to stop writing in this. I’m determined to account for each day of the TESOL course, no matter how briefly. This is mainly for future students who may be interested in attending the TESOL at IALF in the future).
  • Remembered how to take the non-dog-infested route home today. Despite the rain and the mud (and stepping on poopoo with my flipflops and getting it in between my toes), the journey was much more pleasant… and less frightening…
  • Now that the rainy season is coming, it appears all the weird, slimey creatures are coming to life. Considering Denpasaar is a city, I’m surprised my accommodation is as engrossed by ghekkos, lizards, crickets, toads and frogs as it is. I feel like I’m in the middle of a jungle – those amphibians make so much noise!!!! It’s wonderful and bizarre… it’s like I had one of those ‘nature’ relaxation tapes on permanently.
  • I wrote out 40 words of my learner’s interview into the phonetic alphabet. You wouldn’t believe it – but I think I may have enjoyed it. I wonder what a blog entry in the phonetic alphabet would look like? 🙂
Going to sleep. Bon nuit!

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