TESOL Bali: Day 9

  • Did you know? … You say, ‘I have swum’ rather than ‘I have swam’? It is highly likely you’ll say yes… but when have anyone ever heard someone say ‘swum’?! Or – did you know that you say DELicacy rather than deLIcacy? I think I’ve been caught out!
  • Sunny Bali or Rainy Bali? Long gone are my Gili-Gili-Gala-Gilia Air days! It’s monsoon season… by ‘monsoon season’, I wonder whether everyday will be as this evening was… it was pissing it down! I wore flip flops to school, left at 8pm with 3 others without an umbrella… or a poncho… or any of those things that I so carefully packed in my luggage! I resigned to my walk home being ‘an adventure’. I probably brought all of Bali’s disease into my room by the amount of puddle and mud that covered me… I don’t even want to try and think about the icky follicles between my toes…
  • Grammar? This week they introduced grammar lessons… I hadn’t had any real grammar per se in Week 1… hmmm… past perfect, 1st – 3rd conditionals… I understood all this before I started… but now I’m confused. Meaning vs. form – form vs. meaning. At this moment, I don’t care about the meaning of grammar – as I won’t understand anyway…just give me the form and I can apply it….Apparently, that’s not the ‘Trinity’ way… 80% of a lesson should be about teaching the meaning behind a rule, and 20% the form, pronunciation and practice of it. What do you think?
  • Bugs? As it’s getting wetter, I’m starting to find more and more bugs. My room’s wonderful generally… today’s the first real day of bugs that I’ve had. I feel a bit horrible…being in Bali and killing bugs… but my geographic displacement won’t …can’t stop me from doing it… the problem is… I’m not even entirely sure of what I killed… or rather, I killed one thing… and then knocked on my wall for Travis to kill another… I worry I may have killed crickets! :S (but they looked like cockroaches… but then, not really either)
  • Teaching? Tomorrow, in case you were wondering. Double the time. Just finished my lesson plan, and I was strict with myself. ‘Strict’. I forced myself to be concise. ‘Concise’. :S
  • Hero? I may have saved Travis’s life you know today – he would’ve been hit by a motorcycle had I not abruptly grabbed him back onto the pavement.
I’m getting delirious again… and I’m writing malakies. Bon nuit… another 530am start!

2 thoughts on “TESOL Bali: Day 9

  1. Think I missed something… who is Travis? Bugs, bugs everywhere. That doesn’t sound too exciting. Have enough of them here in Phoenix. Our community garden was covered with little gnats, making it very uncomfortable to work in. But at least they were small and knew what kind of bugs they were!

    • hehehehe 🙂 i have another bug story from today…but will share it when i have more sleep… 🙂 Travis is another student… he – and 4 others that study with me – and I live in the same accommodation… Sorry – I haven’t really introduced everyone yet. I’ll do an intro… at some point…or maybe bring in bits of information at a time… don’t worry, he’s not a second boyfriend or anything! 😛

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