TESOL Bali: Day 10

  • Did you know…Mosquitoes are more dangerous than sharks. The Earth is hotter than Mars. Tigers are better swimmers than cats. The word ‘no’ is more common than the word ‘yes’.
  • If you could express everything with just one word, which word would it be? Apparently, it could be ‘well’. (The following is an exercise I did in Phonology 3 today).
Imagine you are in a cafe with your partner. You’ve both just finished a slice of chocolate cake. Have a conversation in which you both only use the word ‘well’. The conversation should convey these meanings:
A. That was nice!
B. Shall we have another one?
A. I shouldn’t really.
B. I’m going to have another one even if you’re not.
A. If you’re going to insist…
B. You’re easily convinced – you surprise me.
  • Phonetics. As part of my Learner Profile Report (which I’ve been working on… and will continue to work on for the next 2 weeks), I need to conduct a ‘phonological analysis’ of my student’s pronunciation. I’ve selected 30 words from our interview, and have completed what I believe to be my phonetic transcription. I feel as though it’s the second language that’s being introduced on the course after

/ɑɪ lɑɪk fu:t der jes yu: nəʊ lɑ:wɑ:r? la:wa:r ɪ:z lɑik ə pi:k e rəʊstɑ pi:k/

I like foot der yes you know lawar? Lawar is like a peek eh roasta peek

/ɑɪ hæv kæt bʌt ɑɪ dəʊnt lɑɪk kæt. əʊnli: mɑɪ məʊder laɪk kæt./

I have cat but I don’t like cat only my moder like cat

/ɑɪ dəʊnt lɑɪk bi:kɑʊz də kæt meɪk mi:…/

I don’t like becows de cat make me

/vəʊkeʃɪəʊnɑ:l hɑi:k səku:l/

 Vocational Hike Sekool

  • Maori. For anyone who already thinks I’m a bit strange, I am also pleased to say we were taught some Maori today! Kereru – Makimaki – Hipi – Kaka – Tuna – Kiwi – Kuri – Ruru – Mako – Wheke – Poaka – Tahora. Pigeon – Monkey – Sheep – Parrot – Eel – Kiwi – Dog – Owl – Shark – Octopus – Pig – Whale. Don’t ask. 😉 (I’m not even sure who speaks Maori!) [Jokes aside, it was a lesson on how to effectively teach vocabulary. It’s crazy to realise how much manipulation takes place when people learn how to teach formally… things I’ve been doing in work for years, I’ve taken for granted… I’ve never thought about… and suddenly, I’m having long lessons on ‘vocabulary’, ‘reading’, ‘errors’, ‘classroom management’, ‘rapport’… I never realised there was a science behind teaching… or a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’… I’m fascinated! I have no motivation to learn these random words/languages they’re introducing per se, and yet, somehow, I’m remembering everything! A completely bizarre and yet intriguing approach to teaching… it’s made me really want to commit to my French… and revisit my Russian!
  • Sleeeeeeeeeep. I’m going to bed. Enough of this. It’s all non-stop, super tired, as-soon-as-you-finish-one-thing-you-need-immediately-to-start-another…. Sleeeep. Good night!

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