TESOL Bali: Day 13

  • My 13th consecutive TESOL blog entry. It’s either: well done, lame or bad luck (Triskaidekaphobia…in the case of the latter). The fear of the number 13 is said to have originated from the fact there were 13 people present in the Last Supper… Is it true that many high-rise buildings skip the 13th floor? That many areas in America skip the 13th street or the 13th avenue? Did you know that lunar months equate to the menstrual cycle and are therefore linked to femininity?
  • New facial regime: One thing my partner has given to me is a dependence on facial wipes… when we met, I always forgot to remove my eye-makeup before going to bed, until it was politely pointed out that this behaviour was negligent. As a result, he hooked me… and I removed my make-up. Now, I’ve run out of my face-removing supplies, and I’ve been using baby wipes. I can’t remove half the make-up I put on, and my face feels funny… 😦
  • Tired. A motif statement in my blog.
  • Learner Profile: I completed my one-to-one private lesson this afternoon, and oh my goodness!!! I enjoyed it so much… I got really into my preparation (and this was mainly due to the fact that I was so tired and sleep deprived, that my creative energies came oozing out). I need to write about it… but I can hardly keep my eyes open at this stage… and I know I’m writing malakies.
  • Fuzzy screen: Too tired. Eyes shutting. 3 hands. Or maybe four. Night.

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