TESOL Bali: Day 15

  • Me? The 21st century Maharajah? Berong, Legong and Kecak – traditional Balinese dancing – were initially performed for the refined, wealthy and educated Maharajahs… Now, Balinese dancing is mainly performed for fee-paying tourists. Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud – areas of Bali dense with tourists – are swamped with local businesses whose core enterprise is to lure tourists into spending more money. Likewise, tourists are given a bizarre celebrity status, where everyone says ‘hello’, or smiles, or shouts ‘how are you? where are you going?’ as if it was everyone’s business. Children are the most entertaining. They smile…wave… shout ‘hello’… clap in glee when you reply… and then ride their bikes with you until the end of the road when they finally say ‘goodbye’. There’s a bizarre feeling of being worshipped out here… I’m trying to get my head around it.
  • Brains. We went to the local warung for dinner – it’s now my 4th time eating there. I found a few dishes I liked, and each time I return, I basically tend to eat slight variations of the same thing. Brian ordered brains… cow brains. (Isn’t that kokoretsi?) (Or have I mixed it up?). Nonetheless, I tried it. It tasted alright, I suppose. It beat the 4 hairs in my Gado-Gado for lunch and the fly I found in my Mie Goreng a few days ago. I didn’t see a cockroach in the warung this time….so it was fine. I’m being adventurous (at least by my own standards)… In Europe, I’d complain… but here, there’s a wonderful futility and ambivalence towards complaining… I’d rather just eat.
  • Mid-course tutorial: I had my one-on-one today – an official ‘meeting’ where you discuss your progress and whether you’re likely to pass or fail. Would you believe me if I said – so far – I’m failing?
  • Post-course plans: … Now that we’re halfway there… conversations are starting to emerge about ‘what’s next’ after TESOL… a bizarre feeling, considering we’re all working… and we’ve ‘bonded’ in this ‘fish-bowl’ where the world revolves around teaching and the form of the English language. It would be interesting to see what would become of this ‘bond’ when the artificial structure of the course disappears….but nonetheless, I’m excited to find out. πŸ™‚
  • Sleep… Late… Sleep… ohhhhh, we’re halfway there! πŸ™‚ Bon nuit!

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