TESOL Bali: Day 16

  • Work, work, work: Non-stop work. They say ‘Week 3’ is hardest. My anticipation of the workload is making me produce more efficiently. So far so good. I’ve battled against my own bad habits. Thus far, procrastination, stress, 3-consecutive-nights-without-sleep – have yet to emerge in my vocabulary. I’ve been good… I’ve been working at a strong, consistent pace… no breaks… no delays… Forward planning and organisation have become integral components of my days… Why do I say this? I’m not usually this way… as a result, I’m excited!
  • Learner Profile, Materials Assignment, 4 x classes to teach and plan; 1 x observation; Language Analysis Assignment; Moderation Interview; Teaching Practice Journal. Once the above are complete, the assessed components of my course will be finished… Writing it down suddenly makes me realise I have more to do than I thought! …Okay, I’ll stop writing.
  • PowerPoint: When buying my laptop, Nico and I debated about whether I needed PowerPoint. In all fairness, I didn’t think I did! I don’t know what I thought about teaching before I started this course, but I was unable – at that moment in time – to think of any reason why I could possible need PowerPoint… my dependence on it now convinces me I was an idiot. It’s wonderful! However, it’s painful staying in the Resource Centre all the time to complete my materials… if only I had a little foresight sometimes!
  • ‘Bali Belly’: This is what happens to you when you start needing the toilet a lot… in the icky way… and when you start being sick… two of my fellow TESOL-mates have it… or some variation of it… I say ‘variation’, as one of it went to the doctors, and was told he has dysentery… caused by a parasite in contaminated food or water… tell me now, should I continue to be so adventurous at dinner?
  • ‘Graduation’ plans: There’s no formal ‘graduation’ per se, but we are trying to organise one…. suggestions thus far include going to an Italian ‘warung’ (if that’s possible!) in Seminyak… going to the first ever Warung in Bali called ‘Made’s’, also in Seminyak… or going to a restaurant that once appeared in a US show called ‘Bizarre Foods’ in Denpasaar… apparently they serve snake meat and snake blood… It’s hard to decide. The Italian place may have wine…Made’s has live Balinese dancing… and the restaurant in Denpasar has… well, snake blood!
  • Teaching: I’ve made a very intricate animated PowerPoint for my lesson with a new group tomorrow – its core language aim is to teach the 1st conditional… the lesson will either go incredibly well or incredibly badly… we shall soon see.
  • Guess what? It’s time to say time out. Eyes blurring. Heart slowing. Time ticking. Need to wake up early to write a grammatical analysis commentary before class… fun, no? 🙂 Bon nuit!

4 thoughts on “TESOL Bali: Day 16

  1. your entries about the course really reminds me of my lpc days. you know why? i didn’t sleep for 9 months, i learned or perhaps i was forced to be organised, productive, efficient and focused. not the normal last minute me. i think it was when i realised that i wont have time to re-learn, re-read and all the rest of re-s, that in one go i must remember all and take notes that will be understood! The crazy schedule is reinforced by the stress of the workshops…discussions..drafting…and most difficult, contemplating.

    suprisingly enough, looking back, i think i gained a whole lot. apart from the degree, some of those qualities stayed with me. I wouldn’t say i’m very focused, but when i want to be, it works.

    thinking back to lpc days really makes me want to come visit you! i don’t like the work-zombie-me. tell me ur schedule! i wanna see where i should come and when…

    • ohhh the LPC days… indeed – I remember you during the LPC days… exactly as you described… efficient, focused, organised… and you consistently had your priorities straight… and you did well!! So proud of you, little sista! 😉 I hope I can say I carry some of the soft skills with me after this course too… but its too far away… there’s still so much left to do!!!! … regarding coming and visiting me… are you being serious!?!?!

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