TESOL Bali: Day 17

  • Tired. I’m talking about my tiredness all the time (sorry about that!)… but if any potential TESOL trainees read this, at least it will illuminate what you will soon be if and when you decide to take the course: tired.
  • My conclusion: I find writing grammatical analyses boring. Do you think that’s a bad sign? I’d much rather write an essay on breach of contract.
  • First lesson with new class:  They were really lovely! I had shadowed another trainee teach this class before switching levels, and the pupils were mute…unresponsive…quiet… and spoke relatively good English. When I realised I would soon have to teach them, I freaked out… I don’t really enjoy teaching because I’m a geek. I enjoy teaching because I like making learning fun and interactive and engaging… suddenly, I worried I was going to walk into a room of young, stubborn, donkey robots (if such a metaphor is possible to use in a nice-supportive-teacher-like way)…But my assumption was wrong, and they were wonderful! I got them moving around, competing, using their imagination to write stories in the first conditional… one of the teams even added ‘Miss Lina’ in their narrative: ‘If I meet the woman of my dreams… I will marry her… if I marry her, I will have a wedding party… If I have a wedding party… I will invite Miss Lina as a guest… If I invite Miss Lina as a guest… Miss Lina will come to the wedding party… if Miss Lina comes to the wedding party, we will give Miss Lina cake… if Miss Lina gets cake… Miss Lina will eat cake… If Miss Lina eats cake… Miss Lina will get fat!’ Brilliant!!! This was a fun story to then feedback to the class once everyone was done! (Admittedly, I was in hysterics!)
  • Still many deadlines coming up… and need to sleep. Sorry. Bon nuit!!!
  • Received my first result from the TESOL: 91% on Phonology…I’ll write more on this later.

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