TESOL Bali: Day 19

  • My day didn’t exactly go to plan. Everything was meant to be turned in today, but somehow I managed to confuse myself with what needed to be done, and I realised I had more to do than I had initially thought. However, I taught my class (it was quite rubbish though – 1o minutes of listening activities – such a boring thing to teach) (eeek – can you believe I’m training to be an English teacher?!)… yes… so I’m turning in the learning plan tomorrow. It didn’t affect my plans though. I did my observation and went out for a drink. I say this casually – but it’s the first time I’ve one out for a drink in 3 weeks…. admittedly, though… I’m too tired to appreciate it… and there’s still another week to go.
  • ISLA:  This lovely name appeared on my screen when I went to write my blog today and it made me so happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve missed you!
  • Do just what you can to get by as we’re all the same? Or do the best that you can because we’re all different? Got into a bit of a debate on this point… and a bit frustrated. My view is that I think the latter. Your view may be that you think the former. If you believe the former, do what you do, enjoy it and so be it. If I believe the latter, leave me to it, and so be it. There’s no should or would or if’s or but’s.
  • Italian Warung, Hetton Bali Wine and the Blue Lagoon Cocktail: Went for deliciously mediocre Italian food…first time I’ve had Italian in a month… first time I had cheese on pasta for a month… so wonderful! …even Bali wine tasted alright… but today was more a treat…I had a psychedelic blue lagoon cocktail… it may as well have been radioactive.
  • So tired. But guess who’s sleeping in tomorrow?!??! (I hope I can – not too much though as I still have loads of work tomorrow). I need it. I’ve been a zombie for  a week.

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