TESOL Bali: Day 22

  • Last Monday. Is over. Well. Not as far as Mondays go, in general, but as far as the TESOL, it’s soon over. Can’t quite get to grips with this in my head, as I’d been looking into this course for over a year. Time just appears to have gone as quickly as it arrived.
  • Language and songs: I initially looked at the timetable with ridicule when seeing ‘Songs’ as a module before starting the course. It reminded me of when Sergei used songs in my Russian classes in Voronezh – full of Soviet tunes… I never found them that effective…
  • Des taught the class on songs today… and  literally taught us by means of introducing numerous activities… or ways in which you can manipulate songs as a language source. If it wasn’t late… and if I wasn’t tired… and teaching tomorrow… I would write out some of the activities/songs we covered, as I got quite involved… too involved, actually.
  • Tears for London… in class!!! He played a song called ‘Streets of London’. It was slow, melancholy with classical guitar as the only instrument… the lyrics reminded me of London… and my friends… and the reality that I’ve left.
  • With all that’s going on at the moment, it still hasn’t hit me that I’ve gone… though this is normal, what might happen is what happened to me today… I just started suppressing tears in the middle of class! I tried just looking up and to the left and to the right a few times to dry out my eyes before catching a glimpse of anyone…until Susan realised what was happening, and then I started crying properly! … And then Susan saw me cry, and she started crying/tearing a bit… and before we knew it, the whole class realised we were crying and the teacher kept on taking the piss about me crying every time he introduced another song. He even brought me tissues to pre-empt my tears for the next song. [by the way – I use ‘crying’ lightly… I wasn’t in hysterics or out of control; it was a very feminine, subtle, embarrassed teary cry.]… I’ll embed the song for everyone to capture the mood….
  • Two more lessons… as in – I need to teach two more classes… and then my teaching practice will have finished.
  • Materials assignment: Just completed a very rough rough draft for the first half of the task. Here we need to identify one good and one not so good material from the lessons we’ve taught and analyse these. Our materials selection will form the basis of our interviews with the Moderator from Trinity coming this Friday.
  • Interview: We have a group and individual interview this Friday. My plan is to wear a traditional Balinese costume as a distraction tactic. 😛 No… I’ll be wearing that for ‘Batik Friday’, but I do however worry it may also be distracting.
  • Mock interview tomorrow: With the tutors. Writing ‘mock interview’ makes me think of Ingeus. Who would of thought what I mean is ‘practice talking about materials?!’
  • SLeeepppppp. 

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