TESOL Bali: Day 23

(Internet affected by thunder and lightning last night. Out of service. Here’s my post from last night.)

TESOL Bali: Day 23

  • Internet down. It’s a shame. Tonight I’m writing my blog on Word – with a view to posting it on WordPress tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I needed the Internet for my studying tonight…so, another morning of cramming before teaching for me.
  • Feeling less tired. Less pressured. More relaxed. Despite the fact the course is not yet over. ..I know I said I needed to find the energy within me to offer that ‘final push’ – but, I must say, that energy is really not there. Today, I faffed. I came home from school…went online…and faffed again. Had a conversation with Susan…with Travis… went back to my room…faffed… and had another conversation again. It’s not as though I have nothing to do… I do… I do have something to do. Materials assignment. Materials for tomorrow’s ‘final lesson’. The Teaching Practice Journal. The reflections for the Teaching Practice Journal. Nonetheless. I’m feeling less tired…
  • Reflections as I near the end of TESOL. Despite having made every effort to capture each day on the course – albeit sometimes briefly, albeit sometimes writing about nothing much at all… or albeit complaining about feeling tired over and over again – it’s impossible to capture the true greatness of the experience until long after it’s over. The immediacy of my thoughts and experiences on the day they occurred is priceless… and I look forward to comparing these to my afterthoughts in months to come.
  • Susan, Robin, Brian, Travis and Gerry. I’ve officially kinda lived with them for a month. (Well, almost a month – it will have been a month by the end of this week). I must say, it’s been wonderful to share accommodation and the ‘TESOL experience’ with them. ‘What time are you leaving?’ ‘Well I’M leaving now. When are YOU leaving?’ ‘What are you working on?’ ‘Well, I’m finished with that, I’ve started this.’ ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘Oh, well – I seem to have lost all of my bodily fluids… I’m feeling really weak… but I’m much better’. ‘I’m going to give them a pen. Lina, what are you going to give them?’ ‘I’m going to give them my bear shirt. Yeah, Lina, what are you going to give them?’ ‘Farah’s going to give them food…’ The list goes on.
  • Alone? After living with my partner for over a year… and before moving to France to live with my partner again for maybe a day or maybe another year (J), it was lovely to have the opportunity to spend time living in, what felt very much like, a house-share again. It’s refreshing… (though, I wouldn’t/couldn’t do it for much much longer – I need more ‘Lina time’).
  • Corrections: We had a ‘correcting writing’ class (or something like that) today. We were given a worksheet with three different examples of error correction. The first involved underlining areas where there is a mistake, without overtly marking what was wrong or providing a correct answer. The second example crossed out the mistake, and provided the correct answer. The final example had a key of different types of corrections – i.e. ‘sp’ for spelling – that you would then use on top of the error. However, in this latter instance, you still don’t write the correct answer. I found it really difficult to argue in favour of the first and last forms of error correction – mainly as a result of my own learner preference, and the impact I feel certain forms of correction would have on my motivation. I think I may have said something along the lines of: ‘If I’m not told exactly where my mistake is, and I’m not given the correct answer, and I’m asked to decode my mistakes using symbols, I just wouldn’t correct my paper. And therefore, my mistake (which is initially a learning opportunity) becomes a learning obstacle…. How do you feel about being corrected? Would you want to know the correct answer? If a teacher tried to elicit your written mistakes in a homework activity, would you bother to self-correct?
  • Tired. Out. Blabbing. Apologies for the above long paragraph. Going to bed. Will post this on blog tomorrow AM.  

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