Lina-time with an insect in Koh Lanta, Thailand

A short entry – but one that, I feel, warrants a short post of its’ own.

After the hustle and bustle of getting to Koh Lanta in time, the girls and Dave eventually departed… Nico (I forgot to mention) had been in Tonsai, off Krabi province, rock climbing with his London friends (Harry and Max) for 5 or so days… and I finally had a day to myself.

The initial plan was that he would return to Koh Lanta with a view to us travelling to some of the smaller, less well-known islands further south… but my disillusionment with the hedonism of Koh Lanta led me to desire a bit of activity… a bit of sport… ‘adventure’… (whatever you want to call it)… further north.

So, instead, I stayed in Koh Lanta alone for one more night with a view to taking the first boat to Koh Phi Phi to join Nico.

After booking my tickets to Koh Phi Phi… and waiting for Nico’s email reply to no avail… we finally reached the conclusion that we would return to Koh Phi Phi at a later date… after spending two or so weeks in Tonsai… where we could climb… climb… tan on the beach for a little bit… and then, climb some more.

I stayed in Family Resort… read Liz Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love for a bit… swam a bit… wrote in my diary for a bit… tanned for a bit… wrote in my blog for a bit… read up on Thailand for a little bit… thought for a bit… glued ticket stubs and pictures to my scrapbook for a bit… and generally embraced those little things I most enjoy doing when I find I suddenly have a little bit of ‘me-time’ to myself….

I had contemplated changing bungalows… finding a hut that was slightly cheaper for one person… but decided against it… I had no problems thus far, so preferred to stay somewhere that night where I knew I would feel safe and comfortable on my own…

And then I found a cockroach in the bathroom.

I can’t exaggerate how much I hate them… and how paralyzed I get when I see them… I can’t exaggerate how useless I feel knowing one is crawling around… aware of how simple it is to just kill it… but never finding the courage to do so…

You would think I’ve seen my fair share of cockroaches at this point in my travels… you would think I was prepared for this… considering I’ve been living on a budget… without an income… for an intended duration of 6 months… you would think after 3 months on the road, that I would have tired of them by now… that I would have become the cockroach-killer extraordinaire…

But I have been lucky. I saw two in Sengiggi in Lombok… and one in Bali… (one that Susan managed to lure into my bedroom – naughty, Susan! :P)… and then… after 5 or so nights without a sight of cockroaches whilst in the company of first Nico and then Mandy at Family Resort… I have a cockroach in my room. When I’m alone… with no one to pester and help me.

I built up the courage and went to our not-so-amicable bamboo hut owner: ‘There’s a cockroach in my room’.

His expression is unaltered as he focuses on the number 13 ball with his wooden stick on the pool table. He gestures to one of his staff to deal with my dirty business.

A non-English speaking Thai worker wearing a head-torch leads me to my room, where I point to the closed door of the bathroom. I was almost worried the cockroach had left… which would leave me sleepless the night before my journey to Koh Phi Phi and Tonsai.

Fortunately, upon opening the door, the cockroach was still on the bathroom floor by the sink as I left him. I pointed and pleaded and the worker looked at me as if I was insane…

He leaned down… pointed the headtorch directly onto the back of the cockroach… gave it a flick with his hand to immobilise it… and then held the cockroach between his thumb and his forefinger… I screamed… and then held my hand to my mouth in embarrassment of my very loud girlishness.

The worker couldn’t stop laughing as he carried the live cockroach out of the hut in his hand… setting it free in the shrubs that composed my back ‘garden’…

Just to end this post with a bit of dignity after my embarrassing encounter with a cockroach and a Thai member of hotel staff… I’ll knick a little photo of a cockroach from the web to re-awaken everyone’s abhorrence to this revolting little undying pre-historic creature…




2 thoughts on “Lina-time with an insect in Koh Lanta, Thailand

  1. You sound like you’re Aunt Michelle. Remember growing up her screaming her lungs out after seeing a centipede on the basement wall. Everyone in the house thought she had been hurt badly. Turned out to be a rather big centipede (centipedes can be common in damp, unfinished basements), but in no way worth of her screaming. Don’t know that she’s any better nowadays.

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