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Langkawi, Malaysia: The island of leeches?

When planning my travel itinerary in London, Nico and I had contemplated paying an adventurous visit to Borneo… in an attempt to tour the deep jungle and do some diving in Sipidan…to our own discontent, we decided against it… mainly in consideration of time and cost. Had we gone to Borneo, we would have certainly … Continue reading

The island of beautiful sunsets: Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is described as a ‘paradise island’… an ‘island of beautiful sunsets’… an ‘island of legends’…. It is also described as an island that some people love and some people hate… Without a doubt, Langkawi is beautiful… with a lush, jungle interior with monkeys, many species of insects and waterfalls… and a beautiful coastline of … Continue reading

An adventurous lunch break: snorkelling with sharks on Pulau Payar, Malaysia

A special mention goes to Brian, my official Gili snorkelling buddy…we each hoped to swim with sharks together in the Gilis but never spotted them…after the experience below, I mentioned to Nico: ‘Wish Brian was here to experience this with us!’ ——————————————————————————————————————————————— The excitement and fear of seeing sharks whilst conducting my PADI dives led … Continue reading